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Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Picking the best restaurants in Tel Aviv isn't easy, great food is something Tel Aviv is known for. Picking the 10 best restaurants in Tel Aviv is too hard, so we left room for 2 more and in this list you can find a list of 12 of the best places to eat around the city. In this list you won't find any Kosher restaurants, for that please try Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv. Also note, as we deal with the best of Tel Aviv here, most of these restaurants are considered to be expensive.

Herbert Samuel

Overlooking the sea, this restaurant is one of the most popular ones among food lovers in Israel. Owned by Jonathan Roshfeld, one of Israel's most considered chefs, at Herbert Samuel you can find dishes ranging from sea food to meat with a middle eastern touch.

Address:Koifman 6, Beit Gibor
Phone: 03-5166516


Toto specializes in Italian gourmet food and is owned by the young promising chef, Yaron Shalev.

Address: Berkovitz 4, Museum of Arts Tower
Phone: 03-6935151


Probably the best Asian style restaurant in Tel Aviv, with a stylish decor and perfect view to the busy kitchen, dinner or lunch at Zepra is a unique experience.
If you prefer dining in private, we suggest specifying when making the reservations. Otherwise you might be placed next to other people in bigger tables.

Address: Yigal Alon 96
Phone: 03-6240044

Yafo-Tel Aviv (Jaffa-Tel Aviv)

A new restaurant by known celebrity chef Haim Cohen, opened in January of 2012 just 2 minutes away from Zepra. The food type is hard to define, but you could say it's local dishes with an Italian touch.

Address: Yigal Alon 98
Phone: 03-6249249

Yoezer Wine Bar

A unique dark restaurant, one of the best places to dine, but if you're looking for a young ambiance, this isn't the place. Considered one of the most expensive restaurants in the city, can easily reach 250 NIS per person. Food type is French gourmet.

Address: Yoezer Aish Habira 2, Kikar Hashaon
Phone: 03-6839115

Raphael Restau-Bistro

Rephael by chef Rafi Cohen, a very successful restaurant you'll usually need to reserve a few days in advance. Food is a combination of Mediterranean and French. Next to it you can find the restaurant's bar called Hamara, great place if you're looking for a lighter atmosphere while still enjoying the food.

Address: Hayarkon 87
Phone: 03-5226464


Katit is European style restaurant with a local touch. You can find fish dishes, sea food, meat and even pasta. The chef of the restaurant, Meir Adoni, is considered to be one of Israel's top chefs

Address: Heichal Hatalmud 4
Phone: 03-5107001


Chef Aviv Moshe designed an amazing looking urban restaurant in the middle of the city. It's a haute-cuisine Mediterranean restaurant.

Address: 19 Haarbaa Street
Phone: 03-6856859

Mul Yam

If you like sea food this is the place to go to, located just in front of the sea, Nul Yam offers fresh sea food with great quality.

Address: Hangar 24, Tel Aviv Port
Phone: 03-5469920

Makom Shel Basar (The Place For Meat)

Meat lovers will love this place, as it is called, Makom Shel Basar is indeed the place for meat. Located in the Southern part of Tel Aviv at Neve Tzedek, if you want to enjoy a good steak that's the place to go.

Address: 64 Shabazi street, Neve Tzedek
Phone: 03-5104020


French Gourmet by Chef Avi Biton. More than a chef, Avi Biton claims to be a hostess, and his saying seem to work when you enjoy the service given by the staff.

Address: Ben Yehuda 226
Phone: 03-6050896

Brasserie M&R

Open 24/7, if food is good, but you can probably find better ones on this list. What makes Brasserie so special is the entire package, good music, great service, with people of all ages coming to enjoy.

Address: Ibn Gvirol 70
Phone: 03-6967111

Bon Appetit!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Best Bars in Rothschild Boulevard - Tel Aviv

One of the most famous areas of Tel Aviv, with numerous bars, cafes and restaurants can be found in Rothschild Boulevard and around it. Here you can find the best bars in Rothschild Boulevard and all of these bars are just minutes away by foot.

Jimmy Who

The Jimmy Who bar that opened on the winter of 2012 is one of the hottest places currently in Tel Aviv. Designed like a bar located in New York's Soho area, the Jimmy Who is a must for anyone that wants a taste of Tel Aviv's bar scene. The people you'll find here are usually a bit older than in other bars around the city, the average age is around 30, the place is dark with a big smoking area and 3 separate bars. The Jimmy Who is a place you can pick up someone for the night or enjoy great music. Food is served but it's not something worth coming for. During the weekend you can expect the place to be very crowded.

Address: 28A Rothschild Boulevard
Phone: 050-7121209

Beeper Bar

Beeper is located 2 minutes away from the Jimmy Who at the back of a building at Rothschild Boulevard. It features one big bars and two floors. When it's crowded people might dance, you should expect a younger crowed than the Jimmy Who, maybe that's the reason it sometimes feel more like a dance bar than a bar.

Address: 28A Rothschild Boulevard
Phone: 052-6788965

Auto Rothschild

Auto Rothschild Bar is found at Ahad Ha'am street, just behind Rothschild Boulevard. It features two bars, one outdoor bar and one indoor. Several tables are around the inner part of the place with a pool table located at the back. The place is usually crowded and it's recommended especially before the weekend starts.

Address: 48 Ahad Ha'am street
Phone: 077-4340764

Rothschild 12

Rothschild 12 is more of a cafe if you look at it from Rothschild, but if you go to the back you'll find yourself at a dark bar with a sexy atmosphere and live shows almost every night. The music is great, the food is mostly finger food but pretty good and the people going there are usually from the area. Great places to go with a big group of people, if you're looking for a pick up bar this isn't the bar for you.

Address: 12 Rothschild Boulevard
Phone: 03-5106430

With Rothschild Boulevard you can't get it wrong, if you run into a slow night you can find many more clubs and bars at the Southern part of the area.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Weather in Israel - What to Wear When

In general, the weather in Israel is comfortable throughout the year. The only time it might be different is during summer time where temperatures might go high and feel too hot. In areas close to the beach like Tel Aviv it might also get very humid at times.

If you're wondering what to wear when you're exploring Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or any other city in Israel, this short guide might help you.

Winter December-January-February

The official day where winter start in Israel is 21st of December. Winter in Israel isn't that cold. Snow is a event and rain isn't something happening everyday. Temperatures ranges between 5-20 degrees centigrade (41 to 68 Fahrenheit) in most areas, and might go a bit below that in places like Jerusalem or areas located at the northern part of Israel (i.e Ramat Haholan & the Galil).

What to Wear: A light jacket and a long sleeves shirt will do the job on most days and nights. If you're more sensitive to cold you might need a warmer coat.
As mentioned, rain isn't that common but does happen, an umbrella and water resistant shoes is necessary.

Spring March-April-May

Probably the best period to visit Israel. Not cold that all and still not too hot. Temperatures ranges between 15-28 degrees centigrade (59 to 82 Fahrenheit) in most areas. It might get a bit hotter around May, especially in the southern parts of Israel (i.e Eilat).

What to Wear: At spring time, light clothes will usually be enough. Around March you might still have some cold days here and there, a long sleeves shirt can help. When it comes to May a t-shirt will be enough, but always remember to bring a light jacket just in case.

Summer June-July-August-September

The hottest time of the year. If you're visiting from the east coast in the US or any European country, you might find it very hot and humid. Temperatures ranges between 25-35 degrees centigrade (77 to 95 Fahrenheit) in most areas. In Tel Aviv and southern areas is might go higher especially around August.

What to Wear: t-shirts and even short pants during the day. Sandals or flip-flops as footwear. Towards the end of September you might need a light jacket for night time, especially if you're planning to visit Jerusalem.

Autumn October-November

Similar to the spring, autumn is also a period where temperatures are comfortable to all. It's generally warmer than other countries at the same time. Temperatures ranges between 10-25 degrees centigrade (50 to 77 Fahrenheit) in most areas.

What to Wear: A t shirt with a light jacket during the day, at night you might need a long sleeves shirt. A warm coat isn't needed most of the time.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Clubs in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has one of the most vibrant nightclub scene. Starting from small niche clubs to mega clubs hosting some of the best DJs out there.

In this list we've collected the top clubs in Tel Aviv and tried to give a variety of styles. We'll keep updating this list as things keep changing in the city. If you're looking for more of an underground kind of club we suggest you check out Best Underground Clubs in Tel Aviv.

1. Seret - Located at London Minister (Address: Ibn Gvirol 30), Seret which means movie in Hebrew, is one of the hottest clubs in Tel Aviv. The club is more of a mega club and can accommodate hundreds of people, it should give any tourist a real taste of Tel Aviv nightlife's. More information on the Seret's site

2. Mad - Same as the Seret club, the Mad is also located at London Minister (Address: Ibn Gvirol 30), just one floor up at ground level. The club is similar in size and it's also more of a mega club. Main difference between the two is ages, Mad is usually a bit younger than Seret in terms of the people attending, but if you're around, you may very well check the two. More on the Facebook page.

3. Ha'Doar (The Post Office) - Located at the Southern part of Tel Aviv (Address: Yehuda Halevi 46), Ha'Doar is a New York style medium size club. The parties usually start a bit late and continue until 4am and afterwards.
More details on the Facebook page.

In all of these clubs the dress code is dress to impress, meaning pretty much everything goes as long as it looks good. Some of these places charge a small amount for entrance (20-50 NIS), this can be usually avoided if you come with a local Israeli. Girls usually don't have any problem getting in as long as the place isn't packed, guys, especially in big groups, might be required to reserve a table.

The clubs you'll find here are mostly popular in winter, starting June other clubs become more popular, more in this article Best Summer Clubs in Tel Aviv.

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